Here is the plan for the Big Row, 2017:

When: August 15, 2015 through August 18, 2017

Where: Starting at Kingston, Ontario on Lake Ontario, ending at the Fort Wellington, Prescott, Ontario on the Saint Lawrence River.

Distance: 65 miles or so.

Daily schedule:

Monday, August 14: We will camp near Kingston, Ontario. The exact campground has yet to be determined.

Tuesday, August 15: Starting at Portsmouth Olympic Harbor, Kingston, we’ll launch the bateau(x) and row east along the shore of Lake Ontario and into the Saint Lawrence River, camping at McDonald Island, which is part of the 1000 Islands National Park near Gananoque.  We have a reserved camping site on the island. Distance is 18.8 miles.

Wednesday, August 16: Row from McDonald Island to Grenadier Island. Camp at Grenadier Island central in the communal campground (this is a first-come area).  Distance is around 18 miles.

Thursday, August 17: Row from Grenadier Island to one of the Brockville islands, probably McCoy Island.  Distance is around 13.7 miles.

Friday, August 18: Row from Brockville to Prescott and Fort Wellington.  Distance is around 14.1 miles.

Saturday, August 19 – Sunday, August 20: the Loyalist Days reenactment at the Fort Wellington (see also here).

Note: we’ll be in Canada for the entire trip. We are not intending to cross the international boundary by boat at any time.

Crew-specific information can be found on the Crew Information page.