A Boat on a Wagon

1868.0328.173.James.Gillray.British.1772.1794While browsing images in the British Museum, I came across this print.  I don’t know how permanent it will be, but here is a link.

The caption reads “A party of people in a boat on wheels being pulled to right”.  Museum number 1868,0328.173.  Drawn by James Gillray, British, 1772-1794.

A Bateau Wagon in St. Remy

This is a scan from Surirey de Saint-Remy’s Memoires d’Artillerie, Troisieme Edition, Volume II, plate 98, Paris: Chez Rollin Fils, 1745.  It shows a wagon intended for pontoon boats similar to bateaux.  The design is intended to be used with a set of wheels and shafts for horses or oxen that would attach to the left end of the wagon.