Here is the preliminary plan for the Big Row, 2012:

When: June 12, 2012 through June 15, 2012

Where: Starting at Crown Point (or Chimney Point) on Lake Champlain, ending at Bolton Landing on Lake George.

Distance: 44 miles or so, including a 2.5 mile portage.

Daily schedule:

Tuesday, June 12: Start at Crown Point and row up Lake Champlain and up La Chute around 16 miles to Bicentennial Park in the town of Ticonderoga.

Wednesday, June 13: Portage from the town of Ticonderoga to Lake George (around 2.5 miles), row to Roger’s Rock campground (around 2 miles).

Thursday, June 14: Row to Burgess Island, just off of Huletts Landing.

Friday, June 15: Row to Bolton Landing.

Saturday and Sunday, June 16 and 17: Participate in Bolton Landing’s event.  See the Bolton Chamber of Commerce’s website here:

More details can be found on the General Information page.

Crew-specific information can be found on the Crew Information page.

  • Historical References – mainly from de Bougainville, regarding portaging, bateaux, and Bolton Landing